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I'm Hiring, Come and Work with Me

Update 4th Feb 2017: I'm looking for a new front-end developer. If you think this could be you, have a look at the front-end developer job description **Update 4th Feb 2014: **I've successfully recruited two new developers to fill these roles, thank you to everyone who has applied. I will update this page as roles become available. **Update 13th August 2014: **I'm looking for another front-end developer, and we're also looking for a Java developer. If you want to apply, or know anyone who would suit, get in touch

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Are you browsing comfortably?

I was lucky enough to be asked to speak at Remy Sharp's Side View conference in Brighton this weekend, a part of the full frontal conference event. I tried to give an overview of the state of the web on TVs and how our current attitude to responsive web design works, or rather doesn't work, on big screens. Here's the slides and abstract.

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From 0 to Automated in 20 Slides

I gave this talk at Berkshire Digital's Pecha Kucha night. I talked about automating development processes to improve the speed at which we can iterate. The full transcript is below

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