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On Speaking

I've been off the speaking circuit for a while now. After a successful 2012 and 2013, I let my public speaking take a backseat to focus on my new role at Yell. I'm really happy to have got to a point in this role where I can begin to talk at the work that I'm doing here, and there's a lot that I'm really proud of.

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A weekend with Android Wear

I've been really interested in wearables since I saw the first press shots of the Moto 360. When wearables first appeared (the Pebble, Galaxy Gear) they were the equivalent of a calculator watch - quite useful for adding things together, but awful at telling the time and even worse for your sex life. They were blocky, had incredibly poor battery life and not something you'd even consider wearing on a night out. The Moto 360 made me take notice - a well-designed and, importantly, watch-like appearance gives it the credibility that it deserves. So, when I got the chance to try one for a weekend, I couldn't pass it up.

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Going jQuery-free Part 1 - Planning

Removing jQuery from your website is a big thing. We have become so reliant upon it that there are far more JavaScript plugins and modules that rely on it than that don't. You have to be so careful when we try to remove it, or you'll end up losing functionality. We need to plan to remove this code - we need to know what could break when we take jQuery away, and we need to know what holes we will need to plug to make our code work again.

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