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Changing how I interview engineers in 2020

I began interviewing people for jobs about three years in to my career. Over the past decade, I've run hundreds of phone interviews, Skype interviews and in-person interviews.
Over time, my approach, and what I look for has changed. I've always relied a lot on gut feel, looking for people similar to those who already work for the company (safe bets) or looking for red flags if a candidate does not stand out, but recently my quesions have changed to focus more on how someone approaches their work, rather than what they know right now.

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A Primer on Preconnect

The best thing about technology, is that it's always changing. I learn new things every day, even in areas that I think I know a lot about, such as web performance.

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HSTS - a no-nonsense guide

I've been playing with HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS, I'm late to the party as usual) and there's some misconceptions that I had going in that I didn't know about that threw me a bit. So, here's a no nonsense guide to HSTS.

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