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Chrome or Opera

opera and chromeI've been experimenting with browsers for the past few days. Ever since Firefox 4b11 blew up (literally couldn't do anything, even with a re-install) I've been playing with other browsers. I've been an Opera user since 9.5 and I've been very happy - but you can't help thinking, "is life greener on the other side of the fence? Is Chrome better?" So, I tried to answer that

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Opera 9.5 Released

Opera 9.5 is has now been released. The browser underdog (and my personal favorite) now has more features than ever! It's also faster (see my SlickSpeed test article) and includes lots more CSS3 features including media queries, full selectors capabilities and new properties like text shadows and box sizing.

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Is CSS a black art?

CSSRecently, I've been asked a lot of questions about CSS and my commitment to it. I'm a purist when it comes to the web. I firmly believe that the only way to create a web site is to use standards-compliant CSS that is cross-compatible with all major browsers. Javascript should only be used as a progressive enhancement technique and should certainly not be relied upon (yes, I'm looking at you ASP .NET). Most of my colleagues regard this stance as noble, but somewhat stupid in the "real world", where it's not always getting it done "right", it's just getting it done. Why is CSS considered such a black art?

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Why I Use Opera - A case for the browser underdog

Opera LogoI’ve been using Opera since it reached version 9.0 in 2006. I have used it every day since in one form or another. I use Opera on my PA laptop, on my Mac, on my TV, my games console and on my Phone, and since Opera’s rendering engine is now built into some Adobe products (Photoshop, Dreamweaver and GoLive) I’m using Opera even when I don’t realise it.

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Opera Dragonfly - Some Suggestions

Opera Dragonfly, the opera web browser's developer tools, were released into alpha yesterday. It features tools like a DOM inspector, CSS style tracing, Javascript console with breakpoints and step-through inspection, and support for debugging other opera browsers (opera mobile and opera tv, though not opera mini). However, it's not all roses.

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