What Would the Best Mobile Web Toolkit Do?

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m planning a mobile web toolkit to replace iUI, but what would you want in it that’s not in iUI already? Should is work across all browsers, even Pocket IE and that godawful Blackberry Web Browser? Should it use progressive enhancement all over the shop or just create a new version for each browser? Should it focus on touch screens or is clicking important too?

Put your thoughts in the comments!

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Steve Workman

Steve is an engineering manager at Maersk, and organises BerkshireJS. He has also worked at Yell and PA Consulting and is a former organiser of London Web Standards

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  1. Brente said:

    Hi Steve.

    Great idea. Here are my thoughts:

    1. Yes, use a standard mature library that many people already use, like JQuery.

    2. Have any iPhone only funcs either gracefully degrade or work for the top 80% of mobile browsers. (iphone, android, ie, blackberry and palm possibly) I know this all depends on their ability to run real js.

    3. Same thing for CSS. Iphone and Android can take advantage of way cool css transitions. Leaving them out would be silly.

    4. UI should be flexible enough to grow/shrink for different sizes.

    5. Focus on touching first and clicking second. Build for the device and they are all going towards touch.

    6. It would be cool to have separate blocks of js/css for each phone, so that you could only include what you needed. But maybe that’s dumb.

    It’s tricky overall. The mobile landscape is changing so quickly. The war is on. Getting a framework that can display the cool features of the top phones is clearly missing. Ping me if I can help you with this.


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