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Recently, I’ve been working on an iPhone web app for my employer (internal, so I can’t share). I based the design and architecture around the iUI library by Joel Hewitt, which became an overnight de-facto standard for web apps. However, after a lot of playing with it and turning it inside out, I’ve found there are a number of problems which have not yet been fixed.

For example; I want to run an AJAX search on a page one menu down my site tree. I found that this wasn’t possible as subsequent javascript code was not evaluated by Safari. There’s other things too, like any iPhone/iPod application link not working, having to press any link that goes to “_self” twice and having a slide animation that stutters more than a broken record.

I am happy to say that fixes exist for all but the last item, and I have put them all into a javascript file, which can be found at the end of this post.

However, I do not believe that this is the solution to iUI’s problems. I feel that a complete re-write in a standardised library like jQuery is the solution. Who knows, I may even find time to write it 😉

So, here’s the file: iui.patched.js


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Steve Workman

Steve is an engineering manager at Maersk, and organises BerkshireJS. He has also worked at Yell and PA Consulting and is a former organiser of London Web Standards

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  1. Andy B said:

    Sounds like a cool project, are you looking to use the webkit CSS transitions? No need to use cocoa touch! 🙂

    Seriously though, are you planning to dabble in objective-C/J at all? A nice entry point might be the cappuccino JS framework from slide280.

    Mmm VM in a VM, the mind boggles!

    p.s. Does your blog support textile or markdown at all?

  2. Steve Workman said:

    I blogged about the CSS transitions in my last post. They do look rather good! I’d probably try and make the page transitions available to be changed through CSS, allowing for the use of CSS animations (i.e. cardflip –

    I’m planning on doing some Objective-C if I get given some time to do it, and if I get given a Mac!

    Re: the blog, it’s a simple WordPress blog. Nothing extra

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