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Apple Store Frivolity

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Wandering around London today, I found myself in the Apple store on Regents Street, firstly to find out who's supporting Athlete tonight in Camden (Boy Kill Boy was the answer), but secondly to test a rumour I heard. I'd been told that the iPhones in the store all had working sim cards and you could make and receive calls! I had to find out if it was true.


In the Regents Street store, there's a lot of iPhones. One big table with 8 phones, a row of 3 behind that and then another 4 upstairs (and probably some more but I didn't go round the whole store). I tried to test this rumour this subtly, but there's no way to conceal that you're going around trying every iPhone seeing if they worked. I was pleasantly surprised to find that all of them called my phone, and they all left their numbers behind!

On the tube on my way home, I started to think about pranks you could play, having such a list of numbers. Ideas such as calling every phone at the same time saying they've all won a free iPhone, or putting the numbers randomly in phone boxes around London (some people will know what I mean, others are probably too young and shouldn't know what I mean). You could sign all the phones up for spam or Jamster ringtones (same thing), the possibilities are only as twisted as your imagination.

So, instead of playing these pranks myself, here are 9 of the numbers:

Remember, if you're going to call these numbers yourself, place 141 before the number to hide it from the receiver.

I am, of course, not encouraging people to use these numbers maliciously. These numbers are quite easily available and anyone who has been into the store can get access to these numbers. I also do not know if the store changes the sim cards.



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