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Vista launch = patches

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If you didn't know already, Microsoft officially released Windows Vista yesterday. I've been running Vista for 2 months now, and in that time it I've seen some major performance improvements, mostly thanks to new drivers.

YesterdayI knew it was launch day because windows update tagged 9 new downloads for me. 6 patches for Vista (including one that wasn't optional), a texas hold'em poker game for Vista Ultimate users (which isn't too bad once you get used to it, textures are a bit off though) and Visual Studio 2005 SP1 for pro and express (I have express installed for XNA studio). Overall improvement to Vista: minimal. Most of the speed boosts will come from drivers, just have a look what a good video card driver can do in this ATI/nVidia test: link

In other news, I've started up Uni-Sport development again, this time on rails. Struggling with this new language reminds me of my first forray into PHP almost 2 and a half years ago. In two days I have created a small application that reads RSS feeds, sorts them by date and displays them. Two days, for that! It seems that this agile framework isn't so agile really, or is it just that I spent most of my day assuming that rails wrote accessors and mutators for me.

Anyway, this small section is rather flexible and will become part of the portal site which will eventually reside at This will aggregate news/events/results from around the network. It'll do it all in a funky AJAX-enabled way too with flashy prototype effects. Depending upon how bored i get in the next few days I'll be debuting it very soon.

Finally, I'm off to Designertopia today, courtesy of Microsoft, so I'll give you an update of what I learned from that then. It should be good, I'm looking to pick up design tips from the best, and I'll pass them on. It's a service, I know. :-)


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