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First, sorry for not updating this blog in the past month. I've been to Greece and then spent another week here doing all the touristy things with my girlfriend so I've not really had time to update this.

I'd then like to say, that whilst I've not been updating this, I've been hard at work on USEv4. Since I last updated, the whole site has been put into the templates and at the moment I'm just going over everything and fixing any problems I come across. Whilst I've been doing this I've been getting the opportunity to add a couple of fancy bits in. For instance, I've now got the Thickbox jQuery plugin working for squad status (see below)


Basically, instead of popping up a new window showing the page, this tiny 10KB plugin makes the rest of the page inactive and gets whatever little bit of data I want. This will also be used in the new facebook login ;-)

Talking of the Facebook login, I'm going to try and have that done by early next week. I'm actually quite looking forward to getting on to the new stuff. Fixing the current site (all 20,000 lines of it) is alright, but it's monotonous and really gets to me because it's very repetitive. New stuff gives me chance to make things better, not just fighting to make them work!

So, Wanna see what this all looks like? Username: hockey Password: love

It's updated nightly with the latest revision and there's a list of things that are working and aren't on the front page.

I'd love to hear what you think and if you find anything that's wrong. Also, I'd love to know about how fast the website loads. At the moment the adverts are disabled so that'll save some time, but I often worry that it's getting a little bloated.

Anywho, that's enough from me. Take a look at the site!


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