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Facebook Platform - a thought

Posted on by Steve Workman About 1 min reading time

Right, in the post below this one I said Uni-Sport will never be a facebook app in its current form. I'll clarify that.

The USE (University Sports Engine) will never be a facebook app. can be!

In January, I beta tested a simple RSS reader system that gathered statistics from the Uni-sport network and presented them in one big page. This type of functionality can be put into a facebook app. Basically, it'll display news stories from the network and provide links for you to log in and talk on the forums, post news, read match reports etc. Not only does that involve facebook in Uni-Sport, (with USE changes) logging into facebook will allow you to see news stories in your facebook news feed, which then will take you to your Uni-sport site where you'll already be logged in (by virtue of facebook's active sessions)

You can expect to see this feature sooner rather than later