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A Catchup and a Roadmap

Posted on by Steve Workman About 2 min reading time

Welcome to the first update in months!

There are a few reasons why I've been so quiet since the release of USEv4. Firstly, I've started my job at PA. It's been a great couple of months and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. However, this gives me very little time for updating blogs etc. Secondly, because I'm no longer in Sheffield, I'm away from the club that I created the system for, giving me little need to update the site unless something was broken

With that out of the way, I'm happy to say that there's more updates to USE coming in the next few months. My time at PA has reminded me what project management was about and that it actually matters, even if it's just a one man band. So, in honor of such knowledge, I've created a defect tracker, which can be found at to track my defects that I've noticed, and to help me plan my releases.

If you have a look at it now, you'll see that there's 16/17 known issues and fixes, most of which are minor, though some are new functionality. They're arranged into versions so you can see what's going to get fixed in what release.

Talking of releases, the next one, 4.10, should be happening over xmas. It's got a big list of changes in it, some of which have already been implemented. One of these, is Facebook notifications.

If you've noticed, when a friend of yours posts some news, an event, a match report or selects you for a match, you are sent a notification with a link back to the site! Very neat.

This feature will be expanded in the 4.2/4.4 release, though those currently don't have a schedule (cos this job has taken my weekends). If you're interested, 4.3 is quite a small release relating to crontab functions.

Anyway, I've rambled on for long enough.


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