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Well, I've been hard at for for 2 weeks now and I've kinda ignored this blog, so, I thought I'd do a bit of an update. I'm not going to dump the changelog on here cos it's a few miles long, this "update" has become much more of a major change than I thought.

Last year, there were no real functions for looking through previous years' data, or even separating it from the current year. Therefore, on this new version, users, matches, events and pictures now have an 'archived' field. There are now search facilities all over the site, all of which work on AJAX technology which makes things all nice and pretty. Therefore, the major changes are: Integrated PhpBB2 (single login, single database) Archive Support Added user details AJAX search across the site Fantasy Hockey online (currently not implemented) Added admin features including full user control, security log and information pages and adverts in the db Picture enhancements including better gallery, re-arranged directory structure and a "who is in this picture" aka 'facebook' functions. Additional squad filters by users' preferred playing position More user preferences and attributes. More match statistics including cards and a friendly option. and so on....

Most of this is now done and can be seen at

It's hard work. It'll all be done soon though, nearly there


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