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Vista - Ready or not

Posted on by Steve Workman About 1 min reading time

First, a little bit of news.

Playing hockey today, I got hit by the ball just to the left of my eye, 4 stitches and a monsterous bruise have seen that I won't be playing for a week or so. It happens.

So, whilst I've been at home, I've been playing with my new copy of Windows Vista Ultimate... well...

Firstly, It's a big improvement over XP. Really, it is. It's the first time I've wanted to use the new start menu. The desktop searching is excellent and works far better than on OS X. Aero is fun but it's not as good as Apple's Expose feature which I really hope will be made an add-on by some bedroom coder sometime soon.

The bad things.... The sidebar, whilst nice, isn't as amazing as the OS X dashboard. It's alright, but not brilliant. Driver support at this time is pretty poop. I'm running with RC1/2 drivers and my sound is dodgy (Audigy 2 ZS card). Graphics seem fine (Geforce 6800GT) but I tried to run a dvd and firstly, it played without sound (re-installing the drivers 3 times sorted that :-s) and now it jerks and just isn't worthwhile (this worked fine in RC1). The zip file extraction algorithm is awful. It took 3 minutes to extract 8.8Mb of files. Also, I was expecting the Windows Sync center to be able to perhaps sync with Office 2004 Mac... nope, it definitly doesn't do that... still not worked out exactly what it does!

Office 2007 IS everything they said it would be though. Love it to bits. So, I'll keep hunting for drivers (most of which will be out in January) so until then I'll play dvds on my laptop!