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Joys of MSDN

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There are a number of benefits to being a Microsoft Student Partner. You get to learn about the new stuff before anyone else, you get to attend conferences and product launches (XNA Studio launch December 13th @ Warwick Uni), you get free stuff like t-shirts, laptop bags and USB pens, but the best thing of all is your MSDN Premium subscription.

I recieved mine in the post today and honestly, I knew MS made a lot of software, but I didn't know they made this much! The first shipment contained 23 DVDs with every server, operating system (Vista RTM didn't make the November edition), application (Nor did Office 2007 RTM) and the whole library. They've even included Virtual PC Mac (but not Office 2004 Mac). I am well and truly amazed at it.

So, after downloading Vista for 2 hours today I'll be installing it tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes, how easy it is etc but for a brief guide, see

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