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v3.04 and upcoming development

Posted on by Steve Workman About 2 min reading time

As per usual:

USE v3.04 Changed spelling of 'location' in add newsletter menu Fixed RSS validation Fixed email message output Fixed ability to submit an email twice by accident Fixed a CSS bug causing 404 errors Fixed div bugs when access to a page was denied Added ability to send email to all members Fixed yellow/red cards not displaying in readreports

Yeah, I know what I said in the last post. I was incredibly annoyed when I had pushed 3.03 out the door only to run into another salvo of bugs. 3.04 has been much more of an incremental update than the last one so half the fixes have been out in the wide world all week. I'm pretty sure I've gotten a final feature list for v3.1, but that's been put on the back-burner for a bit until I get all my changes to done (i.e. the demo sites are still on v3.02 and contain real data). I have also started exploratory coding on USE v4. The first task of which is to reproduce v3 exactly. After that... who knows what I'll dream up, maybe even some satisfactory way to do sessions without copying phpBB exactly, a better way for people to configure RSS better, maybe even give people different templates and the ability to change their layout based upon a basic uni colour scheme. Maybe the site will even be secure! Pipe dreams my friends, pipe dreams, lol.

Other than that, things are goin alright. 5 paying clients are currently on my books and the White Rose Enterprise Agency wants to give me up to £500 to spend on stuff for the business. So, that's an external HDD for secure code storage between computers; a CVS for dreamweaver; overheads for the year covered; professionally made business cards and logo; exams in dreamweaver and photoshop so i can get certified; and even coffee if i'm with a client. The perks of the job ya see.

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