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USE v3.02: Fixed edit squad error Fixed minor error in randomprofile selector Fixed picture association for matches and events in edit picture displayed incorrectly Fixed picture association for matches not including matches for archived squads Changed CSS so that siteinfo displays more clearly Add who in picture to showpicture

There's still a very random bug with the adverts on some computers using IE6. If you can't see the ads, clear your cache. If that doesn't work, use a proper browser (Opera/Firefox) I'm moving the demo system to and making all 4 modules available to play with. I've gotten an email from an interested party for the USE-Lite system so pricing for everything will be confirmed later in the week. I was recently reminded that phpBB forums are under the GNU license so I can't actually sell it as part of my packages. I can give it away with the packages, but not sell it so things are gonna change slightly there.

Shef Uni Rowing Club's website should be done by next week, and it'll start testing on soon.

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