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A Week in Web – May 17-21st

A week in the web - May 17-21

This was very good week to be a web developer, some big announcements: Google announces WebM – a collaborative project with Mozilla, Microsoft and Opera all announcing that a new royalty-free HTML 5 <video> format has been created using the VP8 codec. Apple haven’t said anything thus far but you can guarantee they’ll say something soon.

TypeKit and Google have got together to make the Web Fonts API including a modified version of TypeKit’s WebFont loader. The fontsquirrel has this comparison of the fonts used by all three loaders.

Future of Web Design and UX London happened. There are video passes available and lots of people will be sharing their slides. Check out the presenters’ twitter feeds for more information. Box-shadow may make its way back into CSS3 – as reported by

Oh, and my server got hacked, leading to a wasted evening of clearing out and removing attack points.