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Are you browsing comfortably?

I was lucky enough to be asked to speak at Remy Sharp’s Side View conference in Brighton this weekend, a part of the full frontal conference event. I tried to give an overview of the state of the web on TVs and how our current attitude to responsive web design works, or rather doesn’t work, on big screens. Here’s the slides and abstract.

The Responsive Web Design trend was triggered by the need to make the web presentable on small, handheld devices. Now, the Internet is encroaching on every aspect of our lives, and it won’t be long before it takes over large screens too.

How much of manufacturers’ internet TVs claims are true? Will the next generation of consoles bring the Internet to the living room, or will Chromecast be the gateway to the large screen future, and where do web developers fit in?

Lets make a web site that is suitable for the sofa

Update: The video is now online via Remy’s YouTube channel and is embedded below. I’ve also written about this topic for the 12 devs of Xmas, if you want to read through the talk rather than watch it.

The most common question I got after the talk was, “What inspired you to do the talk, did a client ask you to do some TV work or something else?” The answer is simple, I just wanted to know how it was and tell people about it. I know that members of the Opera developer relations team have done much of the research into the web TV for the opera web TV product, and I’ve always wanted to hear them talk about this subject and wondered why they didn’t do those talks – the technology to make it happen exists. So I did my own research into the problems, and now I understand why they don’t talk about it much. The whole web on TV experience is a mess, the technology promises a great user experience that doesn’t live up to expectations, and almost actively discourages the browser usage in favour of pre-loaded app experiences.

Now that the research is done, I an going to look for better answers. Luke Wroblewski is doing this, as is Ethan Marcotte, and in this industry, when heavyweights like those start to investigate, there is clearly a problem to solve, and probably a mindset change to happen to enable our industry to grow and embrace this technology.

I hope you like the talk, let me know what you think on Twitter and in the comments

Back on the Blogging Wagon

It feels like months and months since I wrote a meaningful post on here. I’d love to say it’s just that I’m too busy, but it’s really that I’ve not prioritised this over all the other things that are going on. I’ve got into speaking at events, and I’m loving that, so quite a lot of my time goes on researching and writing talks. The rest of the time usually reserved for writing has gone into coding for an internal project. This gives me loads of time to put into practice all the stuff I’m talking about, to really try it out, but some of that time could be better spent writing it up for you to read about, rather than just hear about it.

So, let’s catch up. I’ve had some fun with a few minor projects recently:

  • Jquery-object-fit is now on bower – thanks to John K. Paul for the nudge
  • I made a grunt plugin for yslow: grunt-yslow-test. You can get it from npm
  • I was on the Upfront Podcast, talking about web performance
  • I gave a pecha kucha talk on automating dev processes at Berkshire Digital, the slides for which make no sense at all without the transcript (which is below the slides)
  • I’m in the process of buying a house, and a proper one at that. That one is quite stressful.

So, this is me getting back onto the blogging wagon. There’s lots more to come…

Speaking at Future of Web Design London 2013

Future of Web Design London Logo

Massively exciting news: I am going to be speaking at the Future of Web Design London conference on their Rising Stars track! I’m going to be talking about “Putting your site on a diet” – an educational/technical talk on reducing the size of web pages whilst keeping all of the great graphics and interaction that is possible with the latest browsers.

I’m really pleased to be doing this talk, if you’ve got any specific topics you’d like me to mention, put them in the comments or twitter @steveworkman

LWS is 5 – Less on CSS and More on CSS!

This month was a very special meetup for London Web Standards – it’s 5th birthday celebrations! Yes, it’s hard to believe that 5 years ago in October three guys met up in a North London pub to talk about the web. To celebrate this momentous occasion, Imogen Levy baked us a massive 7-layer London Web Standards Cake (British Bake-off contender next year 2013 for sure). Imogen, thank you so much (from all of the LWS Organisers)!

It was also a big LWS for me personally, as I took the stage to talk about a pet topic of mine: Less, Sass and CSS Pre-processors. Gotta say, I had a lot of fun and got some really great questions and comments from the audience. I’ll definitely do it again.

So, the sketchnotes service is at half capacity today, it being quite hard to do sketchnotes of my own talk. The notes this month are of Peter Gasston’s talk on The CSS of Tomorrow, covering future specs that will bring some of the features from Less/Sass to CSS, and hugely improve the way we layout websites (finally!).

My Talk – CSS Pre-Processors: 21st Century CSS (HTML slides)

Peter Gasston The CSS of Tomorrow

My Sketchnotes from Peter’s Talk

The CSS of Tomorrow - Peter Gasston

The CSS of Tomorrow – Peter Gasston

Thanks again to everyone involved, we truly celebrated LWS’s birthday in style.