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What do you want from a re-design?

I’ve been asking questions about my blog on Twitter, and a few notable things have come back:

  1. Text shadow on hover makes you feel seasick
  2. Text shadow is fine on headers
  3. Colours on the footer are hard to read
  4. It all feels a bit busy

So, many of these things can be remedied simply, but I can’t get it out of my head that you just skim the content because it’s all bunched up. The white space for the text is compressed against two differently coloured, high-contrast sections which mark the edge of the world. Instead of helping you focus, I feel trapped when reading it.

So, I reach out again, what would help alleviate this? What would make you read more on this blog. It’s not a for-profit enterprise, it’s simply putting my opinion and some of my work onto the Internet.

Please, your thoughts in the comments or contact me steve at steveworkman dot com (or use the contact form on this site).

Adding colour to colour theory

BluBar Colour palette

This is the first in a short series about my blog re-design. I’ll try and cover all the techniques used, including CSS3 and HTML5 usage

When considering the colour scheme for this blog, I looked at my old one quite a bit and decided that I quite liked it. Based on the resolution that blog design should be evolution rather than revolution, I set about finding a suitable palette that matches the silver, yet provides a bit more of a range of colours.

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