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Good afternoon everyone,

It's a whole week since I last posted a teaser for the new design, and after a significant shrinking process (the whole design didn't really work if it didn't fit on one page without scrolling) the website is now live! Go, go now to and have a look! I'm rather proud of it, but I have a feeling that I'll be tweaking it next week, and hopefully making it load faster too! rebornI've updated my blog pages a bit too. On the right you'll now see my weekly top artists on and the latest pictures I put on my flickr photostream. Whilst it's a bit of a shame that I can't keep the blog in with the styling of the website, but that's for another day when I have time to learn the wordpress architecture!

Other than that, there's no more news. I'm packing my bags in Sheffield and moving back home for a few months. I'll be working on my projects in the comfort of my own bed :-)


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