End of an era

It’s the end of an era for me. On Monday night, I got this e-mail from my old university hockey club

It’s a sad time for me as www.sheffieldhockey.com was my first big web project. Over the four years I was at uni, I re-wrote it three times. As I learnt more and more about programming, CSS, MVC and HTML, I discovered whole new things I could do. It was one of the first sites I’d seen that used Facebook to log people in, well before Facebook had a proper mechanism for allowing you to do that, and people loved it. It was my playground and now it is no more.

However, all is not lost. I’ve set up http://sheffieldhockey.steveworkman.com to serve as a lasting memory of an awesome site. Joe, the new club captain, may still want to carry on with the site, get one of the freshers to, well, freshen it up. I’m hopeful that my gift to the club may continue to be used in some capacity, but, for now, it’s gone.

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Steve Workman

Steve Workman is the Head of Web Engineering at Yell. He is also an organiser for London Web Standards is an occasional public speaker, talking about web performance and web standards

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