I’ve a feeling that I really should update this more often. Ah well, here goes:

USE (University Sports Engine) v3.01
Lop-sided forums
Standardised folder names
Email addresses always being hidden

Icons for MSN/AOL/Register etc

Known bugs:
Picture association with even/match incorrect
Profile picture upload not being available to everyone

Scheduled additions in v3.02
“Who is in picture” to be displayed with each picture
Rotate pictures in the edit picture menu
Alternate profile picture upload

The reason for all these new icons is that in the v3.1 update the website will be completely modular, split into Basic, Standard, Full and an additional module known as Fantasy Hockey, available for Standard and Full packages. The website has been renamed ‘USE’ for University Sports Engine. Therefore, the packages are named: USE-less (basic), USE (standard), USE-Full (Full) with Fantasy appended onto either of the latter two.

Next week I shall be registering www.uni-sport.org and www.steel-software.com and moving hosts to Dreamhost which gives me a bucketload more space and bandwidth. From then, any uni who wants a sports website, just has to ask! They’ll be limited with the choice of template at first, but that’s a story for another day.

v3.02 is scheduled for late next week. However, some of the changelist may be subject to change.


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