What do you want from a re-design?

I’ve been asking questions about my blog on Twitter, and a few notable things have come back:

  1. Text shadow on hover makes you feel seasick
  2. Text shadow is fine on headers
  3. Colours on the footer are hard to read
  4. It all feels a bit busy

So, many of these things can be remedied simply, but I can’t get it out of my head that you just skim the content because it’s all bunched up. The white space for the text is compressed against two differently coloured, high-contrast sections which mark the edge of the world. Instead of helping you focus, I feel trapped when reading it.

So, I reach out again, what would help alleviate this? What would make you read more on this blog. It’s not a for-profit enterprise, it’s simply putting my opinion and some of my work onto the Internet.

Please, your thoughts in the comments or contact me steve at steveworkman dot com (or use the contact form on this site).

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Steve Workman

Steve is an engineering manager at Maersk, and organises BerkshireJS. He has also worked at Yell and PA Consulting and is a former organiser of London Web Standards

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  1. James said:

    It’s hard to put my finger on it, but you’re right the content does feel a bit bunched up and compressed.

    I’d look at using a grid based layout maybe, and find a way to add contrast between the content and the meta info around it. While there is a good contrast between the background, the right column and the primary content, it’s not so great between a post’s header, meta data, content and links…

    Regarding grids, here’s a good place to start: http://960.gs/

    Hope that helps

  2. Jason Grant said:

    Hey Steve,

    I think the main thing on blogs is that content should be in the main focus.

    This means any background image patterns, highlighting of headings and subheadings is likely to distract user’s attention from the main content of your blog (text, images, videos, etc.).

    I would also suggest getting some form of a style guide in place (e.g. colours, text sizes and maybe even a grid in place), which will ‘normalise’ the look and feel of the whole thing.

    You can pick a colour scheme to use from one of the colour schemers online and go with that.

    Increasing line height in the main text will improve readability as the eye scans the text much more easily then.

    Increasing the font size also will make things easier and better. I think you ought to go with font size significantly larger than what you have on right now within the main text.

    Hope this helps.



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