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Fantasy Hockey Lessons (v3.05)

Posted on by Steve Workman About 2 min reading time

*ahem... swallows pride*

USE v3.05 ( Fantasy Hockey Update) League table now links to teams and managers profiles Create team allows for team names with ' in them Profiles for other people's teams displays correctly Myteam budget remaining now has a £m formatted to it Table pagination now works correctly Anonymous and SS removed from top points Fixed Picmenu delete bug Two addslashes fixes Delete match report empty array error Transfer price fix Fixed archives special characters bug Fixed minor layout bug in gallery Fantasy Hockey Logic Fixed

Yeah.... that's a lot of bugs considering I said it was all done last time. There are lots of minor ones like links not working, but there are also some massive ones like the long-standing bugs like the edit match report bug that i've never been able to reproduce!

It turns out that the fantasy hockey bug was a problem with my logic. It works with a repeated function to calculate each person's individual score then it posts those scores back into an array which are added to each team which has that player in it. Turns out that I was posting back the player's total score for all time rather than just the updated score. So, I moved the individual player score database update to the repeated function and it returns the difference rather than the total. With that done, everything should work "flawlessly"...

So, it's been a learning process. There are still minor bugs (there's no admin menu for fantasy hockey) and v3.1 is quite a long way off. Development of v4.0 is slow to non-existent. Genesys work is slightly on top of me. Lots to do.

Anywho, next time, more features, i promise!


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