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Don't just complain about CSS3, do something!

Posted on by Steve Workman About 1 min reading time

A colleague of mine and I were discussing the current state of the internet, CSS3 and IE being behind the rest of the browsers in terms of standards adoption. He argued that IE was "rubbish because it doesn't support CSS3 selectors/borders etc". My reply to this was, "well, do something about it".

IE doesn't support any non-candidate recommendation CSS3 modules so they can't be accused of not supporting standards. If you want this to change, we have to get CSS3 finished (at least one module!). To do that, the W3C needs help.

The CSS Working Group is made up of invited experts and representatives of the major web companies (Microsoft, Mozilla, Apple, Google, Opera and Adobe). It's unlikely that you'll get to go to one of their meetings any time soon, but everything that they talk about is discussed openly on their mailing list. I've been subscribing to this list for around 6 months and haven't contributed a lot, but anyone can. They currently want people to comment on working drafts and come up with suggestions on how things should work and any problems you have day to day that you think can be solved with CSS.

So seriously, if you want to help, don't just complain, do something.