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I’ve given the design of this blog a much-needed update and have finally made a wordpress theme (comments welcome).
The whole site now fits nicely into the design of and I’m pleased to say the process wasn’t too hard! I followed a guide on Deziner Folio (though don’t copy code directly from the website, all the ‘s and “s are HTML encoded and dreamweaver doesn’t like it). I’ve even managed to make the site widget-enabled which works rather well.

So, in summary, I’m pleased with myself.


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Good afternoon everyone,

It’s a whole week since I last posted a teaser for the new design, and after a significant shrinking process (the whole design didn’t really work if it didn’t fit on one page without scrolling) the website is now live! Go, go now to and have a look! I’m rather proud of it, but I have a feeling that I’ll be tweaking it next week, and hopefully making it load faster too! Read more…